Courses - Training

We are able to design specific training required for each organization, following a preliminary evaluation of its safety culture and safety performance.

Our Courses and Trainings are developed with theoretical concepts and practical exercises, using appropriate principles for adult education, with individual and group participation in the resolution of case studies and complemented with practices in the field observing and interacting with partners while working.

The training to be effective must be implemented in a top down flow in a continuous process throughout Line Management and involving workers to cover the entire organization. This will ensure a rapid progress of a sustainable cultural change towards excellence in safety management.

An important part of the work done by Rainbow Lighthouse in companies and institutions with whom we work is theoretical and practical training in Safety, Health and Environment which figures are:

- Training  Sessions done: more than 200 courses
- Duration:                           more than 250 days (2000 hours)
- People Trained:               more than 4000 persons

We are homologated as trainers with the “CAP – Certificado de Aptidão Profissional – Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional – Portugal”, that allow us to deliver professional training for adults according the best practices defined by main international training standards.

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