What We Do

In Rainbow Lighthouse Management Consulting, S.L. we have a Work Methodology based in the observation of people at work, focusing on the Attitudes and Behaviors of individuals and groups, beyond the merely review of documentation, certifications and procedures.

Working based in Attitudes and Behaviors we achieve the participation of all people in the process, engaging Line Management in daily performance and involving the remaining workers and partners in the implementation and compliance with safety tools and safety management systems, thus ensuring the proper functioning of the whole organization.

The most important areas of our activity are the following:

- Engineering Project Management

- Safety, Health and Environment Culture and Management Systems Evaluation

- Risk Assessment and Risk Prevention

- Safety, Health and Environment Auditing

- Emergency and Contingency Plans

- Safety, Health and Environment Training

- Standards, Procedures and Safety good Practices

- Coaching in development, implementation and use of Safety management Tools

- Quality, Safety and Environment management Systems Implementation (ISO, OHSAS, etc.)

- Study and intallation of energy efficiency solutions with the Wattguard technology

Work Done in: