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Rainbow Lighthouse Management Consulting, S.L.

We are a small consultant company with experience in development and management of engineering, safety, health, environment and energy efficiency projects.

Our activity has been developed as independent consultants for DuPont Sustainable Solutions with a contract since 2002, working in multinational companies of diverse industries.

Regarding the area of energy efficiency we represent and promote the implementation of Wattguard technology since 2014.

Our main working focus is the evaluation and development of Safety Culture, based on the observation of people at work, focusing on the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups, inside a company or organization.

We have a large experience in safety Coaching and Training with more than 200 safety courses delivered (250 days/2000 hours and 4000 persons trained) in several companies.

New Service Safety Culture Survey

On-line Survey to evaluate the Safety Culture in an organization.

A quick and effective new Tool, easy to apply in any company, through direct employees participation, with total confidentiality.

Contact us for a detailed presentation of this new tool.


Free Promotion

We offer a pre-evaluation of the safety culture in your company free of charge. Please contact us for further details.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please contact us for an evaluation on a service tailored just for your needs.

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