Who Are We

Rainbow Lighthouse Management Consulting, S.L., is a company providing consulting services in project management, engineering, Safety, Health, Environment and Energy Efficiency, with experience in multinational companies of various industries.

We were Selected and Contracted as Safety and Environment consultants by DuPont Sustainable Solutions in the year 2002 (www.dupont.com/safety/), which means a special guarantee as reliable professionals, well prepared to deal with safety, health, hygiene and environment issues.

We represent Wattguard company (www.wattguard.org) specialised in illumination energy efficiency, promoting and coordinating its technology implementation since 2014, in companies of diverse industries.

We have participated in various consulting and training projects since 2002 in the following industries: Food, Paper, Chemical, Cement, Distribution, Electronics, Energy, Automotive, Metallurgic, Petroleum, Paper, Extraction (Mining), Glass and Textile.

Gerente y Director Técnico – Jorge Manuel Dos Santos Areias - Civil Engineer with solid experience developed over many years mainly in the areas of Repair / Shipbuilding, Oil Industry, Construction, Industrial Maintenance, as well as  Safety, Health and Environment management and consulting, both in Portugal and Spain.

Technical Team - comprised of consultants with experience in Engineering, Safety, Health and the Environment, in the geographic area of the entire Iberian Peninsula.

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