Basic Values

In Rainbow Lighthouse Management Consulting, S.L. we are committed with the following Principles and Basic Values:

Engaged to continuous improvement and development as well as the adoption of alternatives that contribute to a more quiet and pleasant life, providing personal responsible and balanced behaviours and attitudes.

Wishing to provide our services to contribute in an healthy, safe and ecological way to have a better quality of life achieving greater efficiency, harmony and abundance in our environment.

Trying to avoid personal injury, property damage and environmental contamination, because we believe that there is always a correct and safe way to achieve a target without excessive risks or incidents.

Promoting education and training as a way to increase awareness and internalization of a culture of anticipation and prevention in the areas of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection.

Intending to serve and be supportive, working with ethics, justice, quality, discipline, perseverance and warmth to help our clients to achieve their goals.


Work Done in: