Main Jobs Done Galp Energia

Consultant Activities in some Safety, Health and Environment projects between 2002 and 2009 as follows:

1 – Safety Training in Refineries (November 2002)

- Sines Refinery Safety management course for Top Management

- Oporto Refinery Safety management course for Top Management

2 - Safety Culture Assessment and Safety, Health & Environment Management System Evaluation of Galp organization in Portugal and Spain (January to July 2005)

Field visits and interviews to management staff throughout a representative universe of Galp Energia, about 55 sites in Iberia  in the following operational areas:

- Sines y Oporto Refineries

- Oil Depots and logistics Storage Facilities

- Airports storage and aircraft filling Facilities

- Distribution and Logistics operations

-  Retail Network of Filling Stations and Service Areas

- Home Based Storage and Filling Facilities in main Customers

- Resellers and Regional Distributors of Galp Energia products (gasoil, gasoline, lubricants, gas in cylinders, canalized and bulk), Operations and Facilities

3 – Corporate Safety multi-annual Project (July 2006 to September 2009)

3.1 Massive Safety Training campaign to all Galp Energia Line Management in Head Offices, Refineries, Depots, Logistics and Retail Network filling stations.

- Theoretical and Practical Training in Safety Management, Safety Preventive Observations, Job Safety Analysis and Incident Investigation.

- 109 courses Delivered

- 1700 persons Trained

3.2 Actualization, Development and Implementation of new Corporate Standards for Safety, Health and Environment management.

3.3 Field Follow up, Monitoring and Coaching in using and continuous improvement of new Safety management Tools.

Work Done in: